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Stress is a fact of life in the modern world in which we live. It has many causes and can appear within our work life, during study, as a result of troubled relationships, during life changes such as divorce, starting a family or retiring, when coping with an illness or even when daily tasks mount up.

Some stressors are good for you because they motivate you to take action. However when stress undermines both your mental and physical health, it can cause significant distress and interfere with you living your everyday life.

Signs that your stress may be unhealthy include:

  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Physical reactions such as chest pains or an upset stomach
  • Difficulty concentrating and sleeping
  • Your blood pressure has increased or you experience other major health problems
  • An increase or decrease in your appetite
  • Stress Management Counselling Melbourne
  • Finding yourself frequently irritable or quick to anger

Everybody has a different stress management techniques. Factors that influence your ability to cope with stress include how you view a situation (as a challenge or a threat), your resilience and capacity to implement coping mechanisms, the frequency and severity of current and past stressors and the level of support you have around you.

People choose to stress management techniques in a variety of different ways. Some block it out, some find an outlet in physical exercise and others by talking it through with a trusted friend.

When your stress causes you to feel anxious and incapable of dealing with a situation, counselling can help you develop extensive strategies for coping with stress in your life.

Psychologists at Psylegal will guide you through understanding what situations trigger your stress, implementing effective coping strategies and developing life balance. They will teach you techniques such as relaxation methods, problem solving approaches, time management skills and breathing exercises.

Talk to a Psylegal psychologist today about stress management counselling Melbourne. Also see our group courses and stress management techniques workshops.

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