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Choose Couples Counselling

Experiencing relationship troubles?

Constantly fighting over sex, parenting or work?

Have things reached crisis point?

Want to communicate more effectively?

When you’re in an unhappy relationship, getting back to a happy place can seem impossible. Relationships are complicated and messy and you need experienced and professional help to get to the root of the issue, and find a way forward. With confidential, supportive counselling from Psylegal, you can look forward to a better outcome for you and your partner.

Why choose Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling is all about tackling the common issues that most people face in intimate relationships and breaking them down into smaller, easier steps that both parties can utilise. You might not see results immediately, but everything your counsellor does or asks you to do is based on years of evidence-based, proven tactics.Every strategy has been tried and tested and proven effective for hundreds of couples before you.

Couples counselling doesn’t work like taking a pill. It requires complete honestly, an open mind and a positive attitude. This isn’t a matter of each person putting in 50% towards recovery, but rather about both people putting in 100%. Getting your relationship back on trackcan take anything from a few weeks to several months of regular appointments.

Yes, it’s not easy and it isn’t quick, but if you’re both willing to put in the time and effort, couples counselling can be incredibly effective, and could be exactly what you need to restore happiness to your relationship.

With Psylegal you can choose either individual or couples counselling, depending on your needs and unique situation. Although we recommend that couples agree to attend counselling together to deal with the problem directly, we understand it might not always be possible to do so (such as in instances of abuse). Individual therapy is still very effective and can even trigger the necessary changes from the other person, as the dynamic has been altered.

How Psylegal Couples Counselling Differs from the Rest

Perhaps you’ve tried couples counselling in the past and found it unpleasant and ineffective. Unfortunately not all Counsellors are created equally, and many just aren’tequipped to deal with couples. At Pyslegal, all our Counsellors have the following important qualities:

They never take sides.Our Counsellors will challenge you and push you to see things from another perspective.

They never judge or shame.Our Counsellors practice unconditional positive regard, which is listening without judging or scolding. You can share your darkest and most negative emotions without shame, and get positive guidance or correction.Everything that you discuss with your counsellor remains confidential, and can only be court subpoenaed if someone is in danger.

They mediate. Our Counsellors won’ttry stop you from fighting with your partner. Instead they will help you fight ‘better’, so you feel that you are making progress and not just repeating yourself.

They give you homework –Our Counsellors will give you ‘homework’ between each visit and push you to practice what you’ve learnt in sessions outside of their offices.

It’s time to invest in your relationship

By booking couples counselling with Psylegal, you’ve already taken the first step towards positive change. Couples Counsellors have seen and heard it all, and their only goal is to help your relationship move forward. It recognises that both people have a role to play, as each person brings a lifetime of baggage into the relationship which must be addressed for the relationship to survive. The lessons you learn in couple’s counselling can also positively impact your relationship with work, friends and family. After all, dealing with negative emotions, communicating effectively and understanding others are skills that benefit everyone.

You’ll find that with enough counselling, you will stop repeating the same old fights again and again,and get to the bottom of what you’re really fighting about, by addressing the actual issue.

Counselling will help you to create realistic expectations for your relationship and show you how to communicate them to your partner. This is invaluable in creating and deepening your intimacy (both sexual and otherwise) by allowing you to connect better.

Yes, relationships are hard work, but with the right tools and skills that you will learn from counselling, you can reignite the spark.

Or light an entirely new one.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Research indicates that couples counselling is more successful when couples seek expert help early. The sooner you can start working on improving your relationship, the better.

Many couples come to therapy because they are in an intimate relationship that isn’t going well. They may be fighting constantly or experiencing sexual problems. Some couples have tried counselling previously but keep coming up against the same old problems. They feel disheartened and don’t know where to turn to. One or both partners may need help deciding whether to stay in a relationship, or they may need support in coming to terms with a recent split up; or want to learn how to avoid similar problems in future. Some couples want pre-marital counselling to help them avoid problems in the future.

Successful relationships counselling requires expert professional training and experience. Our psychologists assist with individual issues that may be affecting the relationship, such as work problems, individual anxiety or depression and/or other social problems. Our approach clears the way for more productive couples sessions with a relationships expert, who can help each partner identify and work out their difficulties, improve communications, stop the blaming and resentment, and find solutions.

Some of the common areas our couples and individuals seeking relationship counselling are provided assistance by our Psychologists are around:

  • Assertiveness skills
  • Conflict management
  • Communication skills training
  • Experiencing and expressing emotions
  • Intimacy skills

Medicare rebates are available. You will need a referral from your doctor.


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