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Domestic Adolescent Violence Program

The brain of an adolescent is still developing and it is not uncommon for adolescents to act defiantly towards their parents. However, when this behaviour becomes physically or emotionally aggressive, and the intention is to instil fear in their parents or siblings, this is no longer typical behaviour.

Regular adolescent violence is a reality for a number of families in Australia. Over the last 5 years, the rate of adolescent violence in the home has almost doubled. Although adolescent violence manifests in similar way to intimate partner violence or adult domestic violence, the risk factors for Domestic Adolescent Violence (DAV) are different from adult perpetrators of domestic violence.

Risk Factors for Adolescent Violence

  • – Attention deficits or learning disorders
  • – History of early aggression
  • – Low IQ
  • – Exposure to violence in the home
  • – Drug, alcohol or tobacco use
  • – Harsh, lax or inconsistent parenting
  • – Associating with delinquent peers
  • – Family disruption (moving homes, foster care, step families etc.)
  • – Poor academic performance or poor school attendance
  • – Peer rejection
  • – Lack of involvement in extra curricular activities
  • – Economically disadvantaged neighbourhood

A.D.V.I.C.E Treatment Program

Psylegal has developed a unique assessment and treatment program for Adolescent Domestic Violence providing Intervention, Counselling & Education for young people who engage in Domestic Violence.

Who is the program for?

  • – Adolescents with reports of physical/sexual assault against their parents/siblings
  • – Adolescents who have violated a court/restraining order

What does the A.D.V.I.C.E treatment program involve?

  • – Learning how to regulate emotions, especially negative emotions
  • – Treatment for mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and personality disorders
  • – Management strategies for anger and aggression
  • – Increasing self regulation and  interpersonal functioning skills
  • – Conflict management skills
  • – Improving familial relationships
  • – Social skills training

What does this program provide?

  • – Individually tailored treatment
  • – One-on-one treatment sessions with a qualified psychologist
  • – Comprehensive Evidence-Based Risk Assessment
  • – A Treatment Progress Report will be provided on request for Court which will include a risk assessment for reoffending, areas of change and treatment responsivity.

Who can refer to the Program?

You do not need to have a referral from the GP to be eligible for this program. However, if you have a Mental Health Plan from your GP you may be eligible for a Medicare Rebate. Referrals can come from:

  • – Concerned friends and family
  • – Solicitors and Barristers
  • – General Practitioners (GPs)
  • – Any other agency

If your family or someone you know has been effected by Domestic Adolescent Violence, please give Psylegal a call on 1300 79 22 09.

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