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An addition to the Forensic Reports and Expert Testimony provided by our Psychologists, training workshops are provided by experienced Forensic Psychologists with years of experience working in the forensic sector.

Our workshops have been provided in Australia, India and China and have included Correctional staff including Prison and Parole Officers, Law Enforcement, Security Officers, Mental Health Professionals and Legal Professionals.

We offer forensic workshops in the following areas:

This 1-day workshop focusses upon the adaptation and application of commonly used risk assessment instruments to Offenders. Participants will receive introduction to and training in the administration and scoring of some commonly used assessment tools for sexual and violent offenders.

Participants will learn:

  • How to interpret and evaluate risk profiles
  • Integrating the information gained from these tools into comprehensive risk management plans for general and sexual violence.
  • How to identify unique circumstances of Offenders, and how this may be integrated into current validated risk assessment and risk management approaches.

Being called to court as an expert witness can be a challenging experience for most professionals. This training is designed to introduce participants to what they should expect when they are called to court to testify and build their confidence in the witness box and will explore issues of evidence for both treatment providers and experts. The workshop will use a combination of empirical data, case law, demonstrations and role-plays to develop skills in negotiating the legal process, writing reports and giving testimony evidence for the criminal and civil courts.

Giving Evidence Training helps participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key elements of giving evidence
  • Learn the art of negotiating the legal process
  • Develop skills for responding to questioning effectively
  • Manage expectations and present your message confidently

Who should attend?

This course is relevant for professionals who may be called to give evidence, but specifically focussing on mental health professionals. This workshop does not pressuppose any prior knowledge or training in this area.

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