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Clinical research studies have shown that lawyers have a greater risk for depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, divorce and stress-related illnesses such as hypertension, heart attacks and strokes.

This paradox in the legal community which has professionals with high human potential who experience low personal well-being often has a detrimental impact on the individual, their productivity and job satisfaction, their families and the profession as a whole.

At Psylegal we are passionate about working with lawyers and enhancing well-being and professional satisfaction. We understand the unique personality traits and pressures of the legal profession and through evidence based coaching assist our clients to harness their strengths and develop skills to promote a healthy life-style and achieve increased productivity and satisfaction in their professional lives.

Please see our Individual Counselling section for particular therapeutic services available to individuals and the coaching section for further information on professional coaching and how this may benefit you.

Also see our workshops for more tailored group programs for lawyers that may be suitable for you, your colleagues and your firm. Also see our courses / groups for upcoming events.

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