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Legal Workshops

We offer legal workshops in the following areas:

Do you find it hard to stay motivated, concentrate, enjoy your work? Do you feel like you can achieve more but just don’t have the energy?

Lawyers have the highest rates of stress, anxiety and depression amongst all professional groups (Beyond Blue National Survey of Depression amongst Professionals, 2007).This impacts significantly on their ability to concentrate, focus, be productive and enjoy their work.

Mindfulness with it’s emphasis on metacognition is widely accepted in behavioural psychology as being an effective way to improve performance and reduce stress.

Psylegal has developed a Juricognetics™ program driven by evidence based research on performance enhancement specifically for lawyers. The program addresses stress reduction in the work-place using a combination of cognitive and mindfulness based techniques. Metacognitive training has been used with a wide variety of professions including medical, law enforcement, legal and corporate.

This half-day workshop will introduce lawyers to the benefits of mindfulness skills, including the ability to reduce stress, improve focus and productivity, develop self-awareness, facilitate calmness, and handle difficult emotions such as frustration, resentment and boredom.

The practice of mindfulness enables one to:

  • improve focus and concentration
  • increase self-awareness
  • reduce the impact and influence of stressful thoughts and feelings
  • facilitate better relationships
  • catch self-defeating behaviours, and substitute more effective ones
  • become aware of self-defeating thought processes, and ‘let them go’

This workshop is suitable for lawyers and law firms interested in developing a better understanding of mindfulness techniques and how to apply this in the workplace context to enhance productivity and satisfaction in your work and life.

To run a workshop in your firm call our Workshop Coordinator on
1300 79 22 09 for more information and to register your interest.

This 1-day workshop is a an extension of the Introductory Mindfulness Based Stress Management for Lawyers. It does not presume prior knowledge of Mindfulness.

It differs from the Introductory workshop in that it provides participants with more experiential techniques and opportunities to practice exercises that enhance concentration and focus and application in real work situations.

  • Provides a functional model of Stress
  • Participants will be able to identify symptoms of “unhealthy stress” and learn techniques to manage this adaptively
  • Understand the impact of your personality and mental health on performance
  • Recognize and reduce unhealthy thinking patterns
  • Improve performance and work-life satisfaction

To run a workshop in your firm call our Workshop Coordinator on 1300 79 22 09 for more information and to register your interest.

This workshop is an intensive stress management program for lawyers and is developed on the Juricognetics™ program for lawyers. The format follows six 1 Hrs sessions that runs for 6 consecutive weeks in the afternoon/evening. This program is good for consolidated learning as it provides participants an opportunity to practice over the week and discuss sustainability of skills.

The number of participants are limited to 7 for each course. This workshop is experientially driven and provides a more detailed and integrated understanding of the application of mindfulness to achieving a better balanced legal practice. It equips lawyers with the ability to create an “Alert” brain and understand it’s impact on performance. This workshop is heavily interlaced with a variety of exercises and problems to practice and enhance skill development in the area of stress and improving performance, concentration and overall well-being.

This workshop is run at our Bourke Street Office, the Law Institute of Victoria, or on the premises of your law firm.

To register for this workshop intensive or to find out how to run this workshop in your firm call our Workshop Coordinator on 1300 79 22 09.

Description: Stress and burn out are significant issues for lawyers and have serious impacts on performance and longevity in the profession. But why lawyers? Are they predisposed to stress in different ways to others? Do their thinking styles make them more critical and judgmental? Do they perceive and interact differently with people?

This Juricognetics™ – Emotional Intelligence workshop seeks to answer these questions. Emotional Intelligence is the ability that individuals have to manage both themselves and others and the good news is that it can be developed. It is about understanding and having an accurate insight into an individual’s motivation to succeed. This includes; understanding the impact of stress and pressure, recognising why people behave the way they do, knowing how to make ‘key’ decisions and to maximise one’s performance. This is the key to success and this workshop will help you apply it to your workplace.

  • The functional model of stress and it’s impact on performance.
  • The lawyer “personality” and how it contributes to stress.
  • Enhancing personal and professional interactions using emotional intelligence as a navigator through systemic stress.
  • Developing the ability to understand others emotions and behaviours and how it effects you and your performance.
  • Developing awareness of your emotional patterns and behaviours and how it holds you back from success.
  • Learning ways in which to become more decisive, more engaged and more productive without working harder.
  • Each participant will be provided a personalised report highlighting their EQ in 8 key areas.
  • All participants will be required to complete an online Emotional Intelligence Test.
  • The test takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • An individual report will be prepared and provided on the day of the workshop and will form the basis of the workshop.
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