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What is Cyber Clinic?

Cyber Clinic is a free app that provides a platform to conduct online, video mental health consultations via your smart phone. It is a highly convenient platform, where you can connect with a practitioner at anytime, anywhere.

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What can Cyber Clinic provide to you?

Cyber Clinic’s entire process is operated online, allowing for comfort and convenience. Forget travelling long distances and paying expensive parking fees to see your practitioner; with Cyber Clinic you are able to consult your psychologist from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, the platform utilises a fully secure program, which guarantees confidentiality, and privacy is entirely protected.

Cyber Clinic grants you access to a large range of qualified and registered psychologists at our practice. Browse through individual consultants or search for a particular specialisation to find your most suitable practitioner. Cyber Clinic has developed it’s own unique algorithm, which matches you directly to your best-fit practitioner, thus taking the stress out of finding the right practitioner for yourself.

Cyber Clinic helps you track your wellbeing and overall relationship with the mental health professional; by doing so you will reach your goals quickly and easily. More importantly, though tracking and monitoring your progress and therapeutic relationship, your experience with your professional will significantly improve.

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    Medicare rebates are available. You will need a referral from your doctor.


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